Top Points – Goa Murder Case: Taxi Driver Recounts Suchana’s ‘Silent’ Journey, Cops Recreate Crime Scene


Suchana Seth, the Bengaluru-based CEO of Mindful AI Lab accused of killing her four-year-old son, was taken by the Calangute Police team to a service apartment in North Goa’s Candolim area to “recreate the scene of the crime” on Friday. Here are the curated top points shedding light on all the developments related to the case that took place today.

Top Points:

  1. During the journey, which lasted over 10 hours from Goa to Karnataka, the taxi driver, Ray John told news agency PTI that Seth remained silent and did not converse.
    2. She was arrested in Chitradurga on Monday night with her son’s body in a bag and was subsequently remanded in police custody by a Mapusa court for six days.
    3. “When I reached the service apartment, she (Seth) asked me to carry her bag from the reception to the taxi. It was heavy,” the taxi driver was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.
    4. The taxi driver recounted that he was initially alerted by the weight of Seth’s bag when picking her up from the service apartment.
    5. Despite suggesting to lighten it, she declined, and the only interaction he had with her was when she asked for water in Bicholim town, North Goa, the PTI report said.
    6. Further into their journey towards Bengaluru, John encountered a significant traffic jam at the Karnataka-Goa border. He attempted to dissuade her from continuing, but she persisted, leading him to become increasingly suspicious.
    7. “I exaggerated the time and told madam (Seth) that it would take six hours to clear the road and suggested that we could turn back and head to the airport. But she insisted on continuing by road,” said the driver, stressing that he felt something was off, the PTI report said.
    8. Alerted by the Goa police regarding Seth’s suspicious behavior, John took a detour to a nearby police station in Aiyamangala, Chitradurga, where officials found the child’s body in her bag. She confirmed to the police that the deceased was her son, the report added.
    In a related development, a crumpled note discovered in Seth’s possession, written in eyeliner, suggests her distress regarding custody issues with her estranged husband, another PTI report said.
    9. The note hinted at her emotional turmoil over her husband’s visitation rights, which may have been a contributing factor in the tragic incident, it added further.
    Meanwhile, the child’s father, based in Indonesia, arrived in India and performed the cremation rites for his son.

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